How Marya Hornbacher's 'Wasted' Helped Me Come To Terms With My Eating Disorder

I completed treatment for my eating disorder in the summer of 2015. I’ve come a long way since then, with life bringing with it a whole host of new challenges and opportunities as life is so wanton to do. Time perpetually trickles through my grasping hands. I’ve been confronted a number of times post-recovery with my old habits, seeing them mirrored back at me through other people. It’s a strange thing to see reflections of what I now know to have been an extremely toxic, muddled time in my life

A Guide : How To Survive Third Year Of Uni

For the past two years, despite all the essays, deadlines, assignments and presentations that have befallen you, people have always said: ‘Wait until you get to third year, the worst is yet to come’. And here you are, finally. A world weary, and likely pretty broke third year, ready to jump back into uni life for what’ll likely be the very last time. There’s no more deferring those expectations anymore because this is it, the last hurdle. You’ll soon realise (if you haven’t already) that this whole year will be spent alternating between feelings of excitement and dread as the prospect of graduation and adult life looms. Expectation hangs thick in the air. Meanwhile life goes on, and September will bring with it a new batch of wide-eyed, tender footed young freshers unversed in the nuances of student life.