The Chinese Challenge: Localising in China

With the second largest economy worldwide, China is most certainly a force to be reckoned with. Expected to overtake the US in years to come, it’s no wonder more and more companies want to expand to tap into this prospering market. However, to grow your business in China, you need to understand the importance of localisation. To do this, you need at least a basic grasp of what the cultural and linguistic differences of such a vast country entail.

White Day and Localised Ecommerce in Japan

We’ve all had time to get over Valentine’s day, but are you ready for White Day? Valentine’s Day as we know it looks a little different in Japan.With a focus on men, the burden of gift-giving falls exclusively on women. Common gifts include chocolate and edible treats — these are commonly offered to romantic partners or potential love interests; however, it is common to offer gifts to co-workers and classmates, even family.