Feminism, Regeneration and Cyclical Living: An Interview with Activist Alana Bloom — Heroica Women

Alana is an artist, facilitator, mentor and activist committed to regeneration. Her mission is to support a shift towards a more nature-based eco-centric society and to support others to live wild and soulful lives through remembering their wholeness and the cyclical intelligence within and around us. Weaving the intelligence of the more-than-human world into her work through nature connection, ritual, embodiment and cyclical wisdom, Alana leads transformational experiences for people to explore their creative gifts through community, connection and many practices inspired by theatre and dance.

Don't Gamify Your Hobbies: The Year I Watched 100 Films

In 2018 I set myself the challenge of watching 100 films, without counting rewatches, in a bid to diversify my viewing and watch more movies. To my mind, my media consumption had become stagnant, bogged down by list upon list of friendly recommendations and long-shelved ‘must-watch’ movies from college and university film studies. So, in much the same way people streamline their workload or self-optimise to see better results, I gamified one of my favourite hobbies. After two years of perceived

Cardboard Citizens: Interview with the Director of Sleeping Rough

Owain Astles is the writer and director of ‘Sleeping Rough’, a community-based docudrama about street homelessness, created after having personal experiences of being homeless. He is also the founder of . We talked to him about the film's production, the many forms of homelessness, and what can be done to help as cases of homelessness continue to rise. The film documents individual accounts of people living on the streets without access to shelter. How did you come across these stories, and how

Taking Back Control: Black Mirror, and the Rejection of Technology

In 1995, astronomer and author Clifford Stoll foreshadowed our scepticism regarding the role of technology and the internet in our lives. His book ‘Silicon Snake Oil’ - and its accompanying article in - contains many predictions that turned out to be laughably untrue; however the conclusion to his infamous howler hits the nail on the head in more ways than one: ‘What's missing from this electronic wonderland? Human contact. Discount the fawning techno-burble about virtual communities. Computers

How Marya Hornbacher's 'Wasted' Helped Me Come To Terms With My Eating Disorder

I completed treatment for my eating disorder in the summer of 2015. I’ve come a long way since then, with life bringing with it a whole host of new challenges and opportunities as life is so wanton to do. Time perpetually trickles through my grasping hands. I’ve been confronted a number of times post-recovery with my old habits, seeing them mirrored back at me through other people. It’s a strange thing to see reflections of what I now know to have been an extremely toxic, muddled time in my life

Trainspotting: Anticipating T2

Feet pound against the concrete. The drums of Iggy Pop’s ‘Lust for Life’ pound with fast-paced fervour. ‘Choose life.’ A near miss with a car on a side street. Ewan McGregor’s Mark Renton gasps a maniacal laugh, purple rings highlight his frenzied eyes. Heroin chic. But Rent-boy’s lust for life is nowhere to be seen, replaced instead by the pursuit of pure self-indulgence and pleasure. ‘Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family.’ The spiel goes on, choked with nihilism and punk rock attitude...

A Guide : How To Survive Third Year Of Uni

For the past two years, despite all the essays, deadlines, assignments and presentations that have befallen you, people have always said: ‘Wait until you get to third year, the worst is yet to come’. And here you are, finally. A world weary, and likely pretty broke third year, ready to jump back into uni life for what’ll likely be the very last time. There’s no more deferring those expectations anymore because this is it, the last hurdle. You’ll soon realise (if you haven’t already) that this whole year will be spent alternating between feelings of excitement and dread as the prospect of graduation and adult life looms. Expectation hangs thick in the air. Meanwhile life goes on, and September will bring with it a new batch of wide-eyed, tender footed young freshers unversed in the nuances of student life.

Top Ten Best Indie Date Movies

Stuck for something to watch with your significant other this Valentine’s Day? It can be difficult to find something that isn’t too cheesy, or that won’t make you feel too terrible about your relationship during this lovey-dovey month. However, there’s no need to sweat it. Here is a list of films that prove love doesn’t always have to unfold with pomp and clichés, or even have a happy ending. So without further ado, here’s a list of the top ten best indie romance films to cuddle up to this month

7 Designer Baby Headbands You Need to See

Your baby is the light of your life. Dressing them and seeing them looking their best is one of the many joys of being a parent.

Baby headbands are a great way of accessorizing your little one's head and keeping their ears toasty and warm.

Not sure where to start? Why not have a look at seven of our favorite designer baby headbands in different styles that will have your tot looking their best in no time.

Il Gufo Pom Pom Headband

Of all our baby headbands, this one achieves cute, minimalist 60s elegance. It combines a classic dusty beige with a pop of fun color in its pompoms.

This casual little accessory is made from 100% wool and would go nicely with the bold colors of this Dolce and Gabbana dress, or this more informal Fendi dress with its abstract art pop flower print.

Mayoral White Knit Headband

Fine knit and elasticated for a good fit on most babies' heads, this simple white headband will look like a beautiful little halo on your angel's head.

To complete the look, why not pair it with Mayoral's delicate white dress complete with a knitted cardigan for extra warmth? Embroidered flowers and a sweet peter pan collar with have your little cherub looking absolutely darling.

MINI A TURE Crown Headband

Looking for a crown for your little princess? Look no further than MINI A TURE's crown-shaped baby headband. Its soft pastel pink color adds a feminine touch to this fairytale accessory.

Made from 100% lamb's wool, it's soft to the touch and absolutely beautiful quality. Warm fleece lines the inside to ensure comfort around your baby's head.

What's more, we think it would pair really well with this adorable pink knitted round collar baby grow by Carrement Beau.

Gucci Sequined Headband

Go for glitz and glamour with Gucci's pink sequined baby headband. Made in Italy, it has a smooth and soft silk lining that will be lovely and gentle on your baby's head.

Baby headbands of all kinds make lovely accessories to make outfits pop. This one in particular will really dress up an outfit, making it fit for a party or special event in no time. With this headband, your little one will shine like a disco ball.

We think this pink ruffle-collared floral number by Roberto Cavalli would be the perfect dress to match it with for your next party do.

Missoni Colorful Headband

This headband by Missoni is lovely and versatile, as its colors would look great in the Spring and Autumn, so you're bound to get loads of wear out of it.

Pair it with oranges, reds, and beiges to pick out those autumnal tones. This ruby red Ralph Lauren dress would go nicely, or even this preppy little tartan and knitted Mayoral get-up.

To emphasize the fresh, Spring and Summery tones, why not go for this playful rabbit and butterfly print dress by Monnalisa to usher in the Easter holidays this year?

If your baby has an older sister and you're into twinning, Missoni has got your back with this pair of wool leggings to match their headband so your girls can rock a matching look. Now you just need to coordinate with them, too!

Dior Metallic Headband

See your baby shimmer and shine in this metallic Dior headband. This baby headband really nails futuristic chic and is a great way to dress up a casual outfit.

It features a delicate tulle bow for a girly touch which we love. We're also pretty sure this headband was made to pair with Dior's beautiful metallic star dress. Your baby will look like the ultimate cosmic cot bunny in this.

Just like Missoni's matching leggings and headband, if your baby has an older sister then consider pairing her in this more mature double for the ultimate party pairing outfits.

Missoni Zig-zag Headband

Of all the baby headbands on this list, this zig-zag Missoni piece is easily the most androgynous.

Who said you can't adorn your baby boy with headband accessories, too? If you're wanting to test the waters, this headband is a great place to start.

It's a lovely casual accessory suitable for all times of the year, with subdued colors of red, blue and green on a grey background. Glittering fibers make for wonderful attention to detail.

Honorable Mention

If you prefer something a little more simplistic, here are two pieces by Seidenweiss that are definitely worth a mention.

The first is a plain white bandeau with a bow that will look cute paired with most all of your baby's outfits.

The second is made from 100% linen for a lighter feel during warmer months.

Though still very simple in its design, the crocheted lace border detailing on the bow will go nicely with more traditional lace-trimmed collars, bloomers or blouses.

Ready to Buy Your Baby Headbands?

Stylish and sweet, this list not only acts as a great gateway into the world of designer baby headbands but as style inspiration for your baby's outfits.

Headbands are a great way to get your baby used to having accessories on their heads. You'll be having them in hats and caps in no time!

Share this with your friends and get their thoughts, or bookmark it for future outfit ideas.

For more high-quality clothing and accessories for babies, to children and young teens, be sure to check out our vast catalog of luxury pieces.

To search by brand, check out our Designer A-Z for a more refined search that will single out your favorites.